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Himalayan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology (HICAST), the pioneer private college of agriculture in Nepal, has been publishing Nepalese Journal of Agricultural Sciences (NepJAS) periodically with an objective of sharing original research findings with wider readership. It is a peer reviewed journal of international standard with ISSN 2091-042X and Online ISSN 2091-0428. This is 19 th volume of this journal. It is also available free online at; and can be downloaded free.

Research articles/notes, and review articles on contemporary issues of agricultural sciences, veterinary / animal sciences, development, climate change, agri-economics, agri-business, social science, food systems, and use of ICT are welcome. There is no deadline for submitting the articles/papers. It is open throughout the year. But the space will be allocated based on first – come- first- serve basis


Articles should be written following the international format. Please visit the site of the journal to be familiar with its format. Articles should be sent electronically in MS Word, using Times New Roman font with single spacing and 10 points font size. All the figures should be preferably in grey colour. All the figures and tables should be properly and clearly formatted; and the text adequately edited. Authors must provide their institutional affiliation as well as email account of the main author for correspondence. Hard copies are not accepted. In general, each article/paper should not exceed 10 pages of the journal.

There must be uniformity in referencing as per HICAST Standard Referencing Style which is based on the Harvard Referencing System (HRS). Visit for relevant information and guidelines.


Any submission that does not comply with the above mentioned general requirements are not selected for review. Selected articles are reviewed by the expert peers of concerned field; and it will be the responsibility of the author(s) to incorporate the suggestions made by the reviewer(s) within the given time frame. Such communications will be done only electronically.

Editorial board deserves the right to accept or reject any article.


1.Is the article suitable to address global and local issues?

2.Is the article written in a standard format?

3.Is the language used is English?

4.Has the references properly cited and managed the cited sources properly in the last section of references?

5.What are your feedback / suggestions to the Author ?